|| Amethyst ||

~Energy Pills Bekha(Main Vocalist)


Bekha is a 15 year old girl and lives in the USA. Bekha loves to dance and sing, she is also the energy pills to her friends and family. She loves to laugh because it makes her healthy, she’s Cambodian, American and Chinese. Bekha loves to eat and sleep, she’s open to everyone and will do her best to please you!


~Hi, I’m Kazuyuki!(Main Rapper)

Bio : An extraordinary girl from Indonesia ;D
Gender : female
Persona : 4D Princess


3 responses to “|| Amethyst ||

  1. Name: Jenny
    Youtube Username: yippyalwaysmile
    Gender: Female.
    Debut Song Suggestion: Dal Shabet – Mr Bang Bang (6 members)

  2. Sorry ^_^

    Bio: A very talkative teenager from the United States. The typical Chinese nerd :p Loves to eat and sleep. Loves to bake and cook!
    Gender: Female.
    Personal: the loud one in the family.

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