|| Sapphire ||

~Hello, I am SaeEun(Main Vocals, Leader)
Name :SaeEun
Age : 18
Gender :Female
Persona: CharismaSeason (one word)
(explaination: Chrisma: Full of charm and confident Season: Can handle different style of song, just as how seasons change)

~Hey, I’m Koyoree!(Rapper)

Name: Kasia
Stage name: Koyoree
I’m Female. I’m 15 years old. I love rap, dancing. I want to have tattoo. *.* (but It’s not important xD)
I want to Be Female Version of GD! But We have CL right? XD So I love Bang Yongguk, Zelo, Himchan, Junhyung, Maslo, Still PM, CSP, Chezzy… I love rappres. xD.
At this time I also recording songs that I want to send to Brand New Stardom and YG (whish me luck!:D) , I will quickly send My Parts cause I just can’t sleep when I know that I have something to do. 😀
I love k-pop because of Male Groups, but I also like evol and 2ne1 too

~Wassuppp, I’m Zia!(Main Rapper & Maknae)

stage name: Zia
Name: Choi Myunhee
Age:13 born on 24th march 1999
Bio:Zia is a normal 13 yearold rapper with a glam/badass style..
Persona:Ice Princess

~Hi, my name is Haneul and I am in charge of dancing and visual.
My age is 17 ,and I am from Germany.
I love to sing, rap and dance.
My ideal type is Zico.
I really love hip hop so my favourite groups are Block B and EvoL.
My Persona would be Energy Rapper.


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