Amethyst Entertainment

Amethyst Entertainment is an online collaboration company(Unofficial) made by Soyeon Lee. Amethyst Entertainment used to be under the name of ZombieTwixCollabs with the youtube username, XoXZombieNatalieXoX, originally being Soyeon’s personal youtube, eventually turning into her own collaboration channel. ZombieTwixCollabs was founded June 17th, 2012 with her first collaboration video, “[OPEN] K-Pop Permanent Girl Group: The Aftermath” (Click the title to see the video,) After great success with ZombieTwixCollabs, Soyeon decided to open up a new, official and improved youtube just for collaborations.

Soyeon Lee was born on September 16th, she is turning 13 this year(2012), as also being the record holder for youngest collaboration leader on youtube. Soyeon has edited many collaborations including Girls’ Generation-TTS’ Twinkle, AOA’s Elvis, 2NE1’s I Love You, f(x)’s Electric Shock, Girls’ Generation’s Paparazzi, After School’s Flashback, and many more to come.

Soyeon has many inspirations including inspiring words from Girls’ Generation, SHINee, T-Ara, and more.

“I don’t make and edit collabs because I feel like it, I do it for the joy of others and being able to participate in such opportunities.” -Soyeon Lee


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